Unless you travel with an armed body guard, your personal safety is in your hands, or in this day and age, in your pocket. the saying goes...don't bring a knife to a gunfight. but sometimes carrying a gun is not ideal or simply illegal in some places. this is where the "little miller knife" shines, it is small, light weight, and easy to conceal.

These knives are made of AEBL stainless steel, heat-treated to 60-61 Rockwell C scale, with a non glare hand-satin finish, { #7 has a stone wash finish}, a custom fitted kydex sheath holds it firmly and safely in place. the blades are approx. 2.75" with an over all length of approx. 5.5" ...............

there are countless ways to carry these knives, pocket, purse, wallet and so on.

Each knife pictured has a handle of G-10,

a nearly indestructible fiberglass-epoxy composite, and nickel silver pins.

I currently have some available,

each comes with a custom fitted carbon fiber pattern Kydex sheath.

ONLY ONE LEFT..................................................

Each of these knives are priced at $115.00 shipped.

Please take note...be aware of the laws in the area you may carry these.

The buyer holds all responsibility regarding safely carrying and using these knives.

Be extremely careful when inserting or removing these knives from their sheaths, they are extremely sharp !!!

I WILL NOT ship these knives to NJ. NY City or

DC. mailing addresses.

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