There is a lot of intelligent information on the internet and the various social media sites these days.

the same goes for bad info. nobody would bring their brand new car or truck to a shade tree mechanic to have the transmission buyer beware....all knives are not created equal.

Welcome to Miller Custom Hand made Knives

I do not subscribe or post videos to Youtube, facebook, instagram, or other social media. Please don't contact me about making something that was seen at these places. I currently sell my knives thru this website, at my shop, and at knife shows. I do not make novelty, fantasy or other questionable looking knives. 

When purchasing knives, I currently only accept checks, money orders, and credit cards over the phone. knives will ship when checks have cleared. knives will be shipped USPS priority mail, insured, with a signature required upon delivery.

 your satisfaction is guaranteed, my knives are guaranteed for life "my life" or for as long as I'm capable of making knives as long as they have been used for their intended use, I don't guarantee them against being used as pry bars or throwing them at objects. unfortunately I can't guarantee my sheaths forever, just like boots, belts and wallets, leather just plain wears out one day unless they are never taken out and used.



Currently, I am backed up to the point where I cannot take any orders at this time. I have knives available for purchase on my for sale page and add new ones as often as I can.

 I try to produce the very best knives in my shop, if I find any flaws while making a knife it does not get my name stamped on it and it doesn't leave my shop,

all heat treating, tempering and Rockwell testing for hardness is performed in my shop.

I've been in the custom knifemaking business for approx. 34 yrs. using only the highest quality cutlery grade steels and handle materials. my knives have been used all over the world for numerous purposes, that being said......

I do not make knives out of old wrenches, horse shoes, old saw blades, old leaf springs from antique cars or trucks, railroad spikes,

chainsaw bars or other "mystery steels". neither do I use any wood from trees chopped down on my property, no matter what story that tree may have. I regret having to add this to my website but in recent years I have heard of some people making knives out of all kinds of questionable metals that could possibly let down, or even injure the unfortunate person that puts that knife to the test.


I can be contacted thru the form below.....Thank you for visiting Miller Knives.