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Custom knives hand crafted in Florida since 1989

Welcome to Miller Knives, I have always had an interest in knives since I was very young. my father was a police officer and my uncle was a state trooper-gunsmith, so I was always around guns, shooting, and knives. I've always had an interest in all three. in 1989, I decided to start making knives, starting with old files. in 1990 I started using 440-C stainless steel and soon had a heat-treat oven to perform the heat-treating in house. as time went on I started using other various cutlery steels. I now offer my knives in several steels but favor CPM154C stainless steel.

Miller Custom Handmade Knives

All knives that leave my shop are as perfect and reliable as I can possibly make them, if I find any flaws in my workmanship they do not leave my shop. I hold my level of quality to a high degree. I live in Florida and have been making knives here for approx. 34 yrs and have been a voting member of the Knifemakers Guild since 1997. 
If you have any questions about any of my knives please
feel free to send me an email on my contact page.....Thank you, Steve Miller